About Me

Me. In the Wild…

I am a wildlife biologist and recently licensed acupuncturist and certified animal acupuncturist who just uprooted my life in Washington, D.C. to accompany my husband (no this doesn’t put the skids on my solo gal adventures) in a massive move across the pond to Great Britain. I am an avid traveler and rock-alpine climber and mountaineer to say the very least. Extremely independent and often labeled as stubborn, my I am constantly fueled to push my climbing abilities to new limits, see places less traveled and explore the native fauna inhabiting these areas.

The Biologist

Growing up, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I mean, a lot of time. From spending endless days wading through creeks and countless hours at the barn, I cannot remember a time when I did not like to get dirty. So then it was no surprise that I pursued a career in Environmental Science. After studying in Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky, I landed back in the Washington, D.C. area as Wildlife Biologist – an urban Wildlife Biologist. If you don’t think there is a difference, well, I aim to change that point of view from blogs from the field.

The Traveling-Climber

Over the past four years, rock climbing and traveling have evolved to be a central point of my life. The trip that changed me? A visit to Peru in 2011 and trekking through the Andes Mountains. Since that time, I strive for a large international trip annually. The following years have led me to East Africa on safari in Kenya and Tanzania, summiting Kilimanjaro, up close and personal encounters with endangered Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, camel safaris and Bollywood films in India, sunrises at the Himalayas in Nepal and Cambodia, deep water soloing in Halong Bay, and winter in Iceland.   But with this, I have developed some pretty itchy feet. My cure for this has been none than more travel, however, a bit more local but filled with exciting rock and alpine climbing and mountaineering adventures! Trips to summits in West Virginia, ice-climbing in the Adirondacks and Stowe and alpine skills on Mount Washington in New Hampshire…

The Acupuncturist

Life with DC government became challenging and well, soul sucking after 10 years. To calm the flames of my burnout, I decided to switch it up, go back to school and pursue a career in acupuncture. Because, why not aim to finish school at 40? My goal was to become a certified animal acupuncturist, and well, ta-da! After three years of human acupuncture school, I was able to complete a 5 month animal acupuncture certification.

My inspiration for this blog comes from my daily encounters in the field as well as all my climbs and travels. I’d like you join in the Wild for more amazing adventures, adrenaline rushes and other tales (and tails) from the field and my life.



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