Friday meshes into Saturday

August 23, 2014

My sleep at the Lima airport rivaled that at the Qatar. This time, there were no chairs since. I have been unable to check in so I am not the departure terminal and therefore STILL lugging the bags around. I feel I found what was “the sleeping place”described by fellow travelers in Lonely Planet: a hallway leading to the security gate.

A few Peruvian men line the floor, already snoring with a newspaper to cover the face as a passerby reads the news he is sheltered with. A cluster of young female travelers sit awkwardly and another young man busies himself inflating his travel pillow. Allowing my overstuffed backpack to crash to the floor, I envision what a nice back rest it would make. Crouching to the ground, I thought this is something I should have done in my 20’s but here I am in my 30’s, making my nest on the hard surface. But honestly, I don’t think I would have been comfortable enough to do this in my 20’s and would  probably resemble the uptight cluster of female travelers perched at the end of the hall.

Amazed at how quickly I doze off, I was awake just as easily to pillow man using his hand pump unceasingly. He’s blowing up an air mattress! You go dude! Maybe I should have whipp out my sleeping bag…

My next sleep-cycle breaking noises are more common – floors being buffed, luggage being dragged. Gazing around, the entire hallway was lined with folks as sleepy as I. It’s Saturday; a day to prove just as lengthy as Friday.

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