Patsy’s (PATC) Maiden Voyage


After seeing the cute little teardrop trailer in the Seneca Rocks parking lot last fall, I was ready for one of my own. Casual looking directed me to this cutie, formerly named Minnie. It did not take much to convince Andy to take  a ride to look at her in Delaware. It was love at first site! The next day, we made an offer and two days later, she was in our driveway! Minnie had now become Patsy (PATC – Potomac Appalachian Mountaineering Club).

A surprisingly short visit to the MVA gave us a temporary plate and we were set for our first outing the next day – Linville Gorge, NC!

We drove down route 81 among the daunting rigs, and made a dinner stop in Front Royal. And what happened to be next door? Walmart! While not a fan of the huge corporate box stores, Walmart is open to campers sleeping the parking lot and using the facilities, so I have a feeling we will be getting more intimate in the near future.

What started as a quick stop for stove fuel, a bungee cord, and a battery charger turned into almost two hours of supply gathering – a knife, ziplock bags, trash bags, spices, a dish washing bowl, etc. Luckily the stop to Sweet Frog beforehand had us charged.

We plodded back along route 81 for another few hours before landing ourselves in another Walmart parking lot in Salem, VA for out first night sleeping in Patsy. After grabbing a snack and brushing our teeth in Walmart, we nestled inside our little teardrop for a restful slumber and waited for the morning light or the drive-thru Dunkin Donuts that we parked next to to be our wake up call.

Climbing adventures are going to rock even more with Patsy! Stay tuned…

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2 thoughts on “Patsy’s (PATC) Maiden Voyage

  1. Jade Goh

    I am loving your Patsy. When are you going to tell us more about your adventures w Patsy?


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